NAP del Caribe participates in DCD Connect Cancun 2022 

NAP del Caribe participated in the DCD Connect Cancun 2022, which served as a scenario to analyze the challenges and advances of the Data Center industry throughout the Latin American region together with the leaders and decision makers of the sector. The event had a diverse agenda, with topics such as sustainability, advances in Edge, Cloud investment strategies, Data Center energy efficiency, implementation of new technologies, among many others.  

Enmanuel Ramirez, Operations Manager of NAP del Caribe was present at the event, who had the opportunity to participate in a full agenda that addressed various topics, strategically selected to address all aspects of the sector from all sides. On the one hand, there were several panels that focused on the implementation of renewable energies, the advantages that neutral data centers offer to their ecosystem, and the considerations to be taken into account when moving from on premise to colocation infrastructure, among others. The event also generated conversations focused on sustainability, Edge advances, the absence of talent, the transformation of the industry with the arrival of new investments, Cloud investment strategies, as well as actions to balance energy efficiency in the face of increased demand and the introduction of new technologies. 

The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic recognized the trajectory of María Waleska Álvarez as president of the TIC Committee. 

The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic recognized the trajectory and hard work done by Ms. María Waleska Álvarez during her tenure as president of the TIC Committee of this institution during the period 2016-2022, in the framework of the conversation “For a quantum leap for the Dominican Republic” together with Pedro Brache, president of CONEP. 

María Waleska Álvarez, assumed the presidency in 2016 until 2022 of the ICT Committee, during her career she stood out for promoting the use of technology as an essential tool for successful businesses, distinguishing herself by carrying out an active and focused management in the execution of initiatives that were of benefit to the institution. 

His vision, leadership and commitment to AmchamDR, allowed him to promote numerous innovation projects that have transcended in time and have permeated the organization and its members. 

From NAP del Caribe we celebrate this well-deserved recognition and wish her the best of success in her professional career. 


Santo Domingo. – For the fifth consecutive year, the Caribbean NAP has been recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in the Dominican Republic, according to the ranking presented by Mercado Media Network Magazine.

The NAP of the Caribbean receives this distinction with joy, which lets externals see that our greatest asset is our people and exalts our work philosophy based on respect, trust and equity, guaranteeing that men and women have the same opportunities of professional growth and development, maintaining ideal general and personal well-being for all employees, extended to their families.

NAP del Caribe has managed to develop a digital and innovation culture in a holistic way that goes from the inside to the outside of the organization. The Human Resources Department promotes training, specialization and skills development as the cornerstone of the different career plans, which enhance the professional growth of each of the employees. Likewise, we are committed to flexibility, open spaces for collaborative work, a high focus on the health and well-being of our employees and their families.

This important ranking, Mercado Magazine, aims to highlight those companies and their managers who have opted for change centered on people and who, through their actions, make them worthy of this recognition. NAP del Caribe is recognized locally and internationally as the most secure, redundant, modern and best interconnected network access technology center in the Caribbean region, endowed with the highest levels of physical and digital security, reliability and connectivity.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are changing the landscape of global cybersecurity, they allow analyzing large volumes of risk data to speed up response time, identify user behavior patterns and increase security operations.

NAP del Caribe has been a pioneer and benchmark in the region in the use of Artificial Intelligence tools applied to cybersecurity.

In order to share our experience and use cases, NAP del Caribe has been invited by the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center and the Office of Cyberspace and Digital Policy of the United States Department of State to the AI ​​CONNECT event, to be held in the city from São Paulo, Brazil, from July 20 to 22, 2022.

CONNECT IA seeks to foster the responsible stewardship of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in line with the principles of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which enables low- and middle-income countries to participate more effective in the global multistakeholder conversation on artificial intelligence (AI) policy.

For NAP del Caribe team, it is an honor and at the same time a great commitment to represent the Dominican Republic, before a network of government officials, academics and industry professionals from emerging economies, as well as like-minded advanced economies that are influential in the global AI community.

Mrs. Maria Waleska Álvarez, executive president of NAP del Caribe, will present the use case in the framework of an academic panel together with Mr. Esteban Meneses, director of the National Advanced Computing Collaboratory of Costa Rica, Mr. Rodrigo Durán, director of the National Center for Artificial Intelligence (CENIA), moderated by Mrs. Emily Sespico, Project Assistant, GeoTech Center, Atlantic Council.

NAP del Caribe and UNICARIBE establish an institutional agreement for the benefit of the student community

UNICARIBE term students from the different engineering areas will strengthen their knowledge based on practical experience in this prestigious center.

SANTO DOMINGO. – The student body of the Universidad del Caribe (UNICARIBE) will be able to carry out internships at the facilities of NAP del Caribe, the most advanced technology center for network access (Network Access Point-NAP) in the country and in the region, equipped with the highest security, reliability and redundancy standards.

UNICARIBE term students of engineering in Cybersecurity, Data and Organizational Intelligence, Networks and Telecommunications and Software Engineering, will be able to strengthen their knowledge based on practical experience in this prestigious center that uses the most modern telecommunications infrastructure in the region. designed to deliver data center, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions in a secure cyberspace.

These facilities for the unicaribian student body are contemplated in the agreement signed between the rector of that house of higher studies, teacher José Alejandro Aybar Martín; and the executive president of NAP del Caribe, María Waleska Álvarez.

During the act, Master Aybar Martín pointed out that it is of great satisfaction and pride to formalize the agreement that he considered will allow both institutions to work on common issues that benefit society.

From his side, Álvarez congratulated UNICARIBE’s contribution to Dominican education, especially through technology, by placing the academy in the place that the Dominican Republic needs to compete in a globalized world.

The deal

The agreement also establishes study facilities in UNICARIBE’s educational programs for Caribbean NAP staff, family members and referrals. Also the realization of talks, seminars, workshops in different areas of knowledge, entrepreneurship, especially in technology, cybersecurity and the areas that relate both institutions.

Similarly, carrying out research projects that will contribute to the solution of national problems through technological tools, the UNICARIBE research hotbeds and Caribbean NAP specialists. During the opening day of this incredible event, we had the opportunity to generate new contacts, participate in presentations of local projects, talks and view the latest in technology.