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About Us

We use technological innovation to guide you towards a true Digital Transformation

Since its inception in 2008, NAP del Caribe was designed, built and operated to offer Data Center, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions, using the most advanced telecommunications infrastructure in the region.

NAP del Caribe stands out for a clear organizational vision. It is a company that was born with a strong digital, disruptive and innovative culture.


Provide advanced technological solutions that guarantee redundancy, scalability and diversity of network access.


To be world-class leaders in advanced technological solutions for hosting mission-critical computer systems.


At NAP del Caribe we believe and operate with neutrality, diligence, quality of services, commitment, reliability and innovation.

About Us

A highly committed team

We recognize that managing the operational continuity of our clients is a serious matter. Our customer service culture is based on commitment and diligent response, with a sense of urgency and neutrality.


We constantly stay up to date on the certifications that guarantee the efficiency of our processes.

Neutral, Massive and Redundant Connectivity

We offer a wide variety of Telcos to guarantee a real and high availability of the service.

Strategic Alliances

We make important alliances with local and international partners to strengthen our solutions.